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Tracey Morales


OK Promise


Higher Ed for Undocumented Students


Building trust with families

My Story

Tracey is a first-generation college graduate and native of Tulsa, OK. She has a track record of community organizing, family engagement, and student advocacy. She has experience with advising undocumented students and families across Oklahoma and has raised over $500,000 in grants, scholarships, and in-kind resources for that demographic.

My Approach

Tracey Morales is an energetic presenter who specializes in blending storytelling and educational research into dynamic and motivating sessions that will have participants engaged and diving into resources to help their students.


Tracey draws on her first-hand experience to provide professional development in DACA, undocumented student resources, and collaborating with community resources. . She provides participants with ready to use strategies to help get students resources for college.  


Tracey delivers small and whole group sessions. She is also available for semester or year long one on one mentoring for classroom educators, career and guidance counselors. 

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