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Todd Borland




My Story

Todd started a researched-based video game club at Union Public Schools in 2011 to engage students. In the Spring of 2019, Todd began the Oklahoma Esports League (OESL) as a means to try to grow esports in the State of Oklahoma and continues to be the commissioner of the league.  OESL is a free, competitive league that offers over fifteen different games for state championships. 


Todd has helped numerous schools start their esports program, understand the risks and challenges with esports, and provide feedback and ideas to help grow their program in their school. Borland enjoys working with schools and providing ideas on how to embrace the entire esports ecosystem and see how it could be implemented in a school district to capture students’ attention and engage them in a different modality of learning. 

My Approach

Todd Borland is a life-long educator that specializes in new and innovative approaches to integrating technology into the classroom.   Through years of experience, Todd is able to look at latest innovations and find a way to supplement the classroom and support the teacher in whatever instructional methods they choose.  


Todd has spent many years in the Esports ecosystem and is very well versed in supporting all schools whether or not they are startup programs or at a place where they want to not just win championships, but also use esports to support the classroom.  


Todd is available for semester or year long one on one mentoring to help get the esports program off the ground or to the next level.  

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