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Tim Collier

My Story

Tim began his teaching career in the fall of 1987 at Haileyville High School where he served as the one math teacher and drove a route bus. In the fall of 1991, Tim began his work at McAlester Public Schools. During the 30 years at MHS, Tim has had a number of roles. He has always served as a classroom teacher but has also worked in the maintenance department, in the technology department, in the Adult Ed department assigned to Oklahoma State Penitentiary, and in McAlester’s alternative high school evening program.  In 1994 he became the student council adviser. MHS student council has experienced success in those years having held regional office many times, having hosted OASC District 4 Leadership conferences on five occasions, having been named an Oklahoma Council of Excellence 11 times, and most recently a National Gold Council of Excellence for 4 consecutive years. 


Tim was MPS District Teacher of the year in 1997, was named the Flying Buffalo by Dr. Lucy Smith in 1997, was a member of the Oklahoma Educators Leadership Academy in 2000, and was an MPS Teacher of Year Finalist in 2016 and 2017, and was named district teacher of the year for the second time in 2020.

My Approach

Tim Collier is an award-winning presenter who specializes in blending storytelling and educational research into dynamic and motivating sessions that will have participants on their feet and engaged.


Tim draws on her personal experience to provide professional development in Great Expectations, Texas Instruments, and Math Strategies  He provides participants with ready to use strategies grounded in current educational research and technical expertise.  


Tim delivers small group, and whole group sessions on a variety of topics.  He is also available for semester or year long one on one mentoring for classroom educators and Math department coordinators.  

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