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Lesa Hefner

My Story

Lesa has been a teacher at Duncan High School in Duncan, Oklahoma for 7 years.  She taught marketing, business management and entrepreneurship electives at the comprehensive high school level associated with Oklahoma Career Tech and was the DECA sponsor until the 2017-2018 school year.  She is now the instructor/coordinator for the newly implemented Pathways to Future Careers (PFC) Internship Program, for which she was given autonomy for program design and curriculum. Lesa is a non-traditional teacher and worked in business and industry before coming into the classroom.  Lesa has been in the education field since 2000. She first worked for Elk City Public Schools at the elementary level as an aide in the computer lab and then at Western Technology Center with OK Career Tech.

Lesa was the Teacher of the Year for Duncan Public Schools for the 2018-19 school year and a finalist for 2020 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year.   


My Approach

Lesa Hefner is a down-to-earth presenter who seeks to infuse humor and heart into engaging and practical presentations. 


Lesa draws from her personal and professional experience to encourage the building of strong relationships in the classroom, the community and across the hall. Positive relationships produce positive results is her mantra. 


Lesa provides professional development in the areas of building community relations and developing dynamic internship programs along with classroom management strategies and creating a positive impact within your building. 


Lesa delivers motivational keynotes and small group sessions. She is also available for semester or year long one on one mentoring for classroom educators. 

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