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Debbie Carlisle

My Story

Debbie Carlisle has been in a high school English classroom for 35 years. She currently serves as the department head for the ELA department and teaches freshman English at Clinton High School. In addition, she is the director for the Career Pathways internship program and teaches life skill at the alternative school.

During the summers, Debbie is the director of Clinton Summer Playground, an 8-week, non-profit, community program for 1st through 6th graders that includes fun, educational activities lead by adults, certified teachers, and teen group leaders. In the summer of 2021, Clinton Summer Playground partnered with Clinton Public Schools and the City of Clinton to enroll 242 children in the program.

After being named Clinton District Teacher of the Year, Debbie was named one of the Top 12 State Teachers of the Year in 2020. She was also Clinton Ambucs Woman of the Year in 2019.

My Approach

Debbie Carlisle is an energetic presenter who specializes in blending storytelling and educational research into dynamic and motivating sessions that will have participants on their feet, moving around, and interacting with other participants.


Debbie draws on her personal experience to provide professional development in collaborating with community resources to bring new and different programs to your community for summer activities.  She provides participants with ready-to-use strategies grounded in current educational research and 20+ years of experience. 


Debbie delivers small and whole group sessions to help jumpstart a summer program that will leave your students begging to get accepted. She is also available for semester or year long one on one mentoring for classroom educators. 

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