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Bianca Rose


ELL services

Language Development

Culturally Responsive Classrooms


My Story

Bianca Rose has worked in different areas of education for the past 21 years. Bianca’s experience in education ranges from teaching students from grades PreK through 12th grade to chief academic officer. Bianca has also worked as a curriculum trainer, teacher, principal coach, and professional development provider. Her experience also includes being a consultant for multiple districts in Oklahoma.

My Approach

Bianca Rose believes that the best approach to teaching and learning is to provide participants with multiple opportunities to practice what has been learned. This type of participatory action professional development also allows participants to modify and adapt the PD based on their particular professional needs.


Bianca's PD sessions are multilayered. She approaches teaching strategies by unpacking the what and why followed by multiple opportunities to practice the learned strategy in different contexts.


Bianca designs PD sessions to integrate scaffolding of the content and strategies for language learning development. Bianca coaches classroom teachers to support them in developing their skills beyond a PD session.  She is also available for semester or year long one on one mentoring for classroom educators and ELL coordinators. 

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