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Amy Huesman


My Story

Amy taught elementary-age students and was a school counselor over a 13 year period. Through her journey of teaching, Amy realized the importance of focusing on the emotional and social aspects of learning in order to maximize opportunities for academic learning.

Though she will always consider herself a teacher and lifelong learner, Amy felt a calling to part from the classroom to focus on supporting people of all ages in mental health. Currently, Amy practices professionally as a Certified Life Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor and is certified as a PreMarital Facilitator.

My Approach

Amy Huesman strives to provide opportunities for individuals and groups to learn strategies that promote wholehearted healthy living personally and professionally focusing on mental health awareness and strategies. 


Amy draws on her professional experience to help individuals and groups learn and implement practices and routines in their life that, if implemented, will allow opportunity for healthier thoughts, feelings and behaviors within themselves and to recognize the positive impacts their own self care has on others and their environment.


Individual or small group sessions will encompass growth opportunities through slide presentations, guided activities and practical application - small steps that make a big difference.


Amy is available for one on one mentoring or group presentations throughout the year.

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