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Allison Morris

My Story

Allison is the District Counseling Services Coordinator for Bixby Public Schools where she regularly delivers practical training and works with a large counseling team across the district. She brings a wide range of experiences and knowledge applicable to today’s school climate and educational needs as it relates to the social, emotional, and mental health of staff and students. Allison has comprehensive training in Conscious Discipline, Positive Psychology, social-emotional learning, experience working with diverse groups, and a broad knowledge of resources to share for continued support and learning. Allison has her undergraduate degree from Oklahoma State University, a master’s degree in School Counseling from the University of Central Oklahoma, and is enroute to complete her professional counseling licensure. Her favorite thing to do is make memories with her husband and two elementary-aged children. 

My Approach

Allison is a PK-12th certified school counselor who brings a fresh approach to a variety of challenges using a strength-based approach. With the current state of mental health, teachers, staff, and students need support more than ever before. Allison can deliver content interactively as it applies to helping teachers and teams improve their wellbeing, while discovering more about their personal strengths. It’s through this discovery and practical application that a shift can occur to improve culture and promote individual growth. Allison has 10 years of experience working as a school counselor and understands the obstacles many counselor's face. She takes a solution-focused perspective in training, supporting, and equipping school counselors in many areas such as social-emotional learning, effective student supports, best practices through the OK School Counseling framework, handling crisis situations, grief support, counselor self-care, and more. 

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